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Alla Mart Soobikin vastaus kysymykseeni, että miten kuvailisit Eestiläisen teknologiakasvatuksen visiota ja kokemuksianne teknologiakasvatuksen kansallisesta yhteistyöstä.

" Technology education (TE) is a relatively new subject in general education schools and a new branch of science. Technology was spoken about already in times of Aristotle, whereas te is a relatively new subject in general education schools and a new branch of science, dating back approximately 30 years.

The definition and the role of TE have undergone a considerable change due to global changes in the development of technology in the world as a whole.Therefore, we all have an opportunity to contribute daily to the development of TE.

And,it is important for the summer conference to exchange thoughts and ideas, and to acquirenew experiences of TE, because we own teachers create, guide and develop the TE, just the way we want. Of course the future wellbeing of TE depends on the cooperation and readiness of a number of institutions, teachers and opinion leaders to develop and promote the subject in accordance with the established global principles and standpoints inherent in TE."

Vastaaja Mart Soobikin
edustaman järjestön nimi on Eesti Tehnologiakasvatuse liit, jonka kotisivut löydät alla olevasta linkistä:

Mart on liiton puheenjohtaja ja kyseisiltä nettisivuilta löytyy paljon mielenkiintoista materiaalia esimerkiksi robotiikkaan liittyen:

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